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Community Art Day

Join us for a day of art!

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Join us for a family friendly, all-ages inclusive, event that encourages visitors to partake in a day of art and fun! This event will include Snow Cones From ScCo Sno and a variety of activities for people of all ages; you’ll also be able to leave the event with an art kit (while supplies last)!

The activities will include both indoor and outdoor locations; they will consist of:
Large coloring mural
Sidewalk chalk art
Rock painting
Lilac painting
Straw blown monsters
Animal drawings (mosaic design)
Yarn art

Movable Mosaics; Interactive Floral Interpretations

MSC Stark Galleries

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Created by students of Horticulture 451 Wm J. McKinley, AIFD, Instructor. Departing from the typical floral interpretation of another work of art, design students in Horticulture 451 were tasked with creating 12” x 12” pavé mosaic designs to interpret only a small section of the associated art piece. This interactive exhibit was created to encourage visitors to actively arrange the mosaic floral designs to best represent the associated art piece, move pieces to suit their personal aesthetics, and challenge them to determine how each mosaic piece fits in the overall interpretation.

Talent, Technology, and Technique

MSC Forsyth Galleries

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Artistic expression is a combination of time and place, training, the surrounding artistic tradition, and an artist’s life experience. But truly great art only happens when a unique talent is able to transcend what is expected when working with their chosen medium. Examining how talented artists used new technologies and incredible techniques to make their mark, this exhibition features more than 60 works that will attempt to answer the question: How did they do that?


Learning Gallery Fridays

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MSC Forsyth Galleries; Join them in the Learning Gallery Fridays in July at 10 a.m. for an art-themed story and a project. Recommended for ages 3-6, our storytime experience is second to none. We feature large, projected illustrations and surround sound in a museum setting, perfectly cozy for adults and kids alike. Art projects are book-themed and encourage adults to create alongside kiddos.