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The Colors of Nature and Music


Location: The Arts Council of Brazos Valley 
Dates: August 16 - December 17, 2022
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Explore the interplay of color, nature and music in this compelling exhibit by artists Hailey Herrera, Nikki Smith and Patsy Supak.

Escape with artist Hailey Herrera as she brings nature to life in a series of landscapes and animal paintings. She enjoys painting nature scenes, compelled to depict them. Whether painting from her photos or fond memories through time and seasons, she captures ever-changing scenes of nature with her unique watercolor batik techniques. Enjoy and reflect on the playful beauty captured by her vibrant work.

Move to the rhythm of the music with Nikki Smith's song-inspired artwork. As a mixed media and digital artist, Smith's pieces capture the transformative power of music by blending color, music and the human figure in visual storytelling. Can you hear the music?

Take a walk through the beauty and wonder of our native Texas landscapes with oil painter Patsy Supak. Her colorful impressionist style will remind you of a special place in your heart, whether it is a field of flowers, an old barn or building, an abstract, still life or animals.

Together, these talented artists will lead you on a creative journey through nature, color and song to places, both real and imagined, that will make your heart sing.

Staff Pick Series


Location: The Arts Council of Brazos Valley 
Dates: November 8 - November 25, 2022
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The next two artists of our Staff Pick Series are Lynette Davila and Jenn Korolenko! Featured artwork by Lynette Davila is located in The Arts Council Lobby and featured artwork by Jenn Korolenko is located in The Arts Council Hallway. This exhibit is available until November 25, 2022.