The Colors of Nature and Music

Explore the interplay of color, nature and music in this compelling exhibit by artists Hailey Herrera, Nikki Smith and Patsy Supak.

Escape with artist Hailey Herrera as she brings nature to life in a series of landscapes and animal paintings. She enjoys painting nature scenes, compelled to depict them. Whether painting from her photos or fond memories through time and seasons, she captures ever-changing scenes of nature with her unique watercolor batik techniques. Enjoy and reflect on the playful beauty captured by her vibrant work.

Move to the rhythm of the music with Nikki Smith's song-inspired artwork. As a mixed media and digital artist, Smith's pieces capture the transformative power of music by blending color, music and the human figure in visual storytelling. Can you hear the music?

Take a walk through the beauty and wonder of our native Texas landscapes with oil painter Patsy Supak. Her colorful impressionist style will remind you of a special place in your heart, whether it is a field of flowers, an old barn or building, an abstract, still life or animals.

Together, these talented artists will lead you on a creative journey through nature, color and song to places, both real and imagined, that will make your heart sing.



Hailey Herrera

"I am a watermedia artist who works mainly in watercolor and watercolor batik. I love the watercolor medium for the layering, colors, and transparency which appeal to my sense of spontaneity. My watercolors are vibrant, bright, and rich with wonderful depth and tonal ranges. 

Living near a public park, I enjoy hiking and painting nature scenes, compelled to depict them. Time and season bring ever-changing nature scenes, forming fond memories. Whether I paint from photos or memories, I capture ever-changing scenes of nature with my unique watercolor batik techniques. For my watercolor batik paintings, I incorporate optical color mixing in my paintings so images are perceived as intended from a distance but results look colorful and playful upon closer examination. Vibrant colors laid over a soft wet-in-wet wash gives a taste of watercolor, while the colors and shapes created by many alternated layers of watercolor wash and wax give a look of impressionism with a wonderful depth. My subject matter is drawn mainly from nature and landscape, but I pursue a variety of other subjects as well.

I have earned signature memberships in the top watercolor organizations in Texas. I am one of a selected group of 30 Texas artists for the Art of Texas Park project and received official acknowledgment as “Centennial Painters” by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

With abounding color and vibrant beauty, my art has found a home in many private and public collections. I am not content with one style but want to evolve continually. I love to enrich my creativity and artistic vision through continued experimentation. I hope my creations bring you joy and an increased appreciation for the medium and the subjects of my paintings as much as they do for me."


Nikki Smith

"My artwork is inspired by music, color and the human body. Music has such an incredible power to move us, to change our state of mind. I seek to capture this transformative power of music through color and emotion.

My artwork is a blend of digital and analog, with each painting created one paint stroke at a time. Drips, splatters, and paint strokes on paper are photographed and  transformed into unique digital brushes. I also love working with resin, inks, acrylics and mixed media.

Connect with me via social media @ArtistNikkiSmith or my website, I'd love to hear from you!"


Patsy Supak

"I want to share the beauty of Texas with oil on canvas. A colorful impressionist style will remind you of a special place in your heart whether it is a field of flowers, an old barn or building. I also enjoy doing abstracts, still lifes and animals. I have shared my paintings with collectors throughout the states and Europe and I enjoy teaching and encouraging new talent."






The Colors of Nature & Music: Opening Reception and Ribbon Cutting

Join us on Friday, October 14 from 4:30-6:00 PM for the opening reception and ribbon cutting of The Colors of Nature & Music exhibit at The Arts Council! Enjoy refreshments and sweet treats while appreciating the artistic talents of Hailey Herrera, Nikki Smith, and Patsy Supak.